expenses tagging


Expenses tagging is a new feature on max mpbile app whoch provides the ability to tag your expenses and in that way track your expenses every month.

Tools Used



UX Research
UI Design


Group 16


The Problem

the app users complained there is no way to follow expenses on the financial app, although there is a pie at the upper part of the app it doesn’t necessarily show them the exact business field of their purchase, because it depends on how the business has defined itself. 

Also, users wanted a “free” tagging method to follow expenses. 


The Solution

At first i started searching for other apps  that have a certain method to orgnize and arrange component i their own platform. 

I found a way for a simpe way to divide between topics on Twitter app, Zeplin & on my own gmail account. 

Tagging my mails, topics and projects really made my life & work easier – therefor i decided to bring it also to max users. 

At first users can only tag expenses & in the next level they will be able to download an Excel\Pdf of all the tags and purchases. 


How does it work?

1. Swipe right to open the tagging option – you can choose between Business tag (if you’re a small business) or Other tag

2. if you picked “business tag” a tag will appear automatically, if “other tag” has been chosen a toast popup will apeare

3. other tag – choose from ready tagged or add your own

4. you can delete tags you added from the tagging list, but can’t  delete costume tags

5. to delete a tag from a certain purchase simply click the x on the tag, if you want to edit the tag swipe right again or enter the purchase details by clicking it