Bringing friends


Bringing Friends is a summer campaign for 2 clubs card holders – maxBack + SKYMAX

Only Active Card Holders can join the campaign after receiving an SMS + Newsletter. 

The campaign goes like this – 

The Card holder has to invite his/hers friends make the same card as his (the same club). They can invite friends by sending them a link by sms, facebook share or copy+paste an invitation link to post on any other media. 

The Card holder will receive points only after 5 of the friends will make the card, activate it and make a first buy. (the the campaign is limited for 5 successes only).

There are 2 landing pages 

1.  The invitation page

2. Tracker Page

Tools Used


Adobe Illustrator


UX Research

UI Design



Group 16

Low Fidelity Wireframes


Desktop Screens