Bookiz is a mini costumer management app (pocket crm) for small business

The app helps small business users to manage costumers by adding nots, making them as contacts, schedule meetings & reminders and manage followups

Tools Used


Adobe Illustrator


UX Research

UI Design

Persona’s Research


Codesigner final Project


The Problem

This days there are many new small & old business and users that have no formal way to manage and keep in touch after their clients.

Small business still use diaries, notebooks or an app note. 

after making a research i studies many apps and platforms such as trolly, monday, google calendar, keep – all were great but still didn’t give the solution for a “single” business man/woman. 



The Solution

Making a mini CRM app with basic features from many similar apps. 

The app will provide the solution of :

  1. saving new contacts to a clients list (+import from your phone contacts)
  2. making new tasks + followups
  3. reminders that will sync with google calendar


Name: Anat Cohen

Age: 42

Job Title: Pesicurist & Manicurist

Status: Married + 3

Location: Israel


Anat is a 42 y/o female that runs a small business in her home. She has many regular clients. Lately Anat decided to grow her business and she paid lots of money to rebrand her business. The rebranding brought her many new clients, which is a good thing – but on the other hand the has trouble remembering the clients issues + reminders and followups. 


  • Having the ability to create clients pool
  • Keeping in touch with clients during special events 
  • Having the ability to set reminders without using a calendar or cellular phone notes/alarm


Name: Maor Galmor

Age: 29

Job Title: Veg. Home Cook

Status: single

Location: Israel


During covid 19, Maor got released for a vacation from his office. He took it as an opportunity to make his dream come true start his own business as a vegetarian home cook. 

Maor already has several repeating customers and 3 house hold he cooks for them in a regular basis. 


  • Create clients pool with special menus and notes to each client
  • Keeping in touch with clients during special events such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.



Color Pallete


Ui Elemnts

Low Fidelity Wireframes