about me

Just to be formal  – I’m Lior Kadishev, 38 y/o from Tel-Aviv. 

Ever since I was young, I knew that arts & design are my passion and that’s what I want to do for a living. 

It all started as a hobby, and as time passed by, I went deeper into the world of graphic design.

After graduation and 3 years of military service, I studied professional graphic design at Wizo Haifa Design Academy.

During my work at max.co.il as Instructional Designer and as a freelance Graphic Designer, I was exposed to the world of UX, and I immediately realized that this is where I belonged. therefore, I began studying UI & UX – initially all by myself, and then took an online course at Codesigner.

After completing the course, I started working for max as the sole product designer – I was in charge of many assets, interfaces screens, most of brand components and much more. 

Today, I’m working as the sole product designer for Karmanow.com –  a shopping assistant which automatically saves you time and money.

Oh yeah – i’m also an illustrator, Yogi and addicted to Pizza.