about me

Just to be formal 🙂 – I’m Lior Kadishev, 38 y/o from Tel aviv. 

Ever since I was a young I knew that arts & design are my passion and thats what i want to do for a living. 

It all started  as a hobby and as time passed by I entered the world of Graphic Design more & more. 

After graduation and 3 years of service in army, I learned graphic design professionally at Wizo Haifa Design Academy.

During my work at max as Instructional Designer at max & a Freelance Graphic Designer, I was exposed to the world of UX, and I immediately realized that this is where I want to be, so I started learning UI UX – first all by myself and then took an online course at Codesigner.

This days I’m the product designer of max credit card company. I’m in charge of many assets, interfaces screens, most of brand components and much more. 

Oh yeah – i’m also an illustrator, Yogi and addicted to Pizza 🙂